ISTANBUL, (DHA)- Dogan Eraslan, Deputy General Manager of Mikrolink, a global technology company that operates in the fields of telecommunications and information technology, talked about topics such as which areas Mikrolink UK operates and what the company offers on a worldwide scale. Eraslan said, “Mikrolink delivers local solutions with the latest technology and with high standards, adapted to the demands of its region, through enterprises in nations with big markets such as the United Kingdom, the United States, and Germany.”

After graduating from the Engineering Faculty and working on telecommunication projects and gaining international experience with major telecom vendors, Dogan Erarslan returned to Turkey after 12 years abroad to continue his career at Mikrolink as the International Operations Manager and was later appointed as the company's Deputy General Manager. As Deputy General Manager of Mikrolink, Eraslan talked about how Mikrolink’s journey abroad began, what the company offers on a worldwide scale, and in which areas Mikrolink UK operates.

Indicating that Mikrolink is a technology company operating in more than 20 regions around the world and that it specialises in telecom solutions, fiber optic infrastructure networks, data centre planning, design, and installation, private communication networks, IT solutions, smart technology solutions, along with network and data security, in addition to being a global system integrator and telecom product supplier, Eraslan said the following about the company and how the company’s journey abroad began:

“Mikrolink has a massive structure that achieves firsts in its native country and develops international solutions while collaborating with global technology companies in other nations. It dominates the spheres in which it operates in telecommunications and information technology, and it is at the forefront of developing and implementing solutions for today's cyber security concerns. It provides local solutions with cutting-edge technology and high standards, tailored to the needs of its region, via firms in countries with large markets such as the United Kingdom, the United States, and Germany. Mikrolink, which has long-term connections with top technological companies in Turkey, crossed international borders for the first time in 2010 and began operations in Saudi Arabia and Azerbaijan. Following the completion of the Nokia and STC projects in this country, it established a worldwide structure by establishing subsidiaries in the United Kingdom, Kazakhstan, Germany, Qatar, Vietnam, and the USA. It distinguished itself in a short timescale with its skilled team and experienced structure, providing unique solutions for each country in which it operated, and it continued to develop by deepening its roots in the countries in which it operated.”


Stating that the United Kingdom is where Mikrolink has significant operations and they are currently running various projects in the field of mobile and fixed networks at Mikrolink UK, Eraslan said “Our leading tech business ventures in the UK are active and gaining momentum, but we have more projects in the works that we have yet to publicize. However, since we are a technology company, we can offer all our solutions in the UK and benefit from the strong corporate and financial infrastructure we have acquired from Acik Holding, with which we are affiliated. In other words, we can offer our solutions in the field of ICT to the UK consumer, assist them in growing their businesses through our field operations, which we call "maintenance solution partnerships," and connect all regions with 5G technology through the 5G infrastructures we have established. We have the expertise, teams, and potential to carry out all these operations.”


Speaking about the scope of the partner agreement they made with Vodafone UK, Eraslan stated that Mikrolink will continue to increase network coverage and deliver uninterruptible connectivity to hundreds of sites around the United Kingdom, and said, "Last year, we started a long-term and particularly important cooperation with Vodafone UK. We signed a contract with the airband operator with Fixed Network. "We are also working on fibre infrastructure initiatives with a variety of operators right now in the UK. For many years, we have worked with Vodafone in a variety of places throughout the world. Because of our effective collaboration, we signed a 5-year IBS contract and a Swap Project Agreement with Vodafone UK in the UK. Our firm in the region runs just like a British company, with local employees who have worked in the UK providing services to us. We will continue to work with Vodafone in the UK to broaden our collaboration and create new ventures in additional countries.”


Emphasizing that they will continue to make significant investments that will further expand operations, especially in Europe and America, and that they want to bring Mikrolink quality to more and more people in the next 5 years, Eraslan said the following about their solutions that make life simpler today and in the future:

“Our support for the development of fibre infrastructure and mobile infrastructure will continue to grow as we prepare for 5G and beyond. Through our sibling firms under the umbrella of Acik Holding, we will continue to offer solutions that will expedite the transition to digital life, such as smart buildings and solutions. Mikrolink's solutions address areas that directly improve and influence people's lives. In other words, communication is critical for all of us now as we live in a world where we are online 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The infrastructure studies and IBS work provided by Mikrolink are critical at this time. Mikrolink is creating 5G infrastructure and accelerating the country's transition to 5G, guaranteeing that these new living standards are achieved as quickly as feasible. In addition, with the growth of the digital world, data security has gained great importance and the news of cyber-attacks has increased rapidly. With the sayTEC products of our sayTEC company, which we established in Germany, we offer solutions beyond the age of cyber-attacks, that are so prevalent in life and cause many of today's brand crises, and we prevent the data from falling into the hands of third parties and using it for malicious purposes.”